Soma Inspired Fitness
Empower from within

Soma Inspired means “Body Inspired” and that perfectly describes me and my approach to training.
I'm here to assist you in finding sustainable ways to fit exercise back into your busy lifestyle!









Pilates Flow is a well rounded, full body class that flows through a little bit of everything including strength, endurance, core and flexibility. These classes will always encourage you to tune into your body emphasizing focussed and controlled movement, good skeletal alignment and deep diaphragmatic breathing.

Pilates Intervals

Pilates Intervals gets SWEATY!! This class is 45 minutes long and is based around 4 rounds of timed intervals. Usually 5-6 different exercises covering the entire body and challenging our cardiovascular endurance as well as strength and stability. Destined to leave you feeling like a bad ass!!

Quick Little Workout Series

My “Quick Little Workouts” are centered around efficiency & effectiveness. Short 25-30 minute workouts that focus on a specific area of the body, arms, legs, booty or core. These workouts will prove to you that you can GET IT DONE without having to commit to an hour long session.

Flow with Focus

Pilates Flow classes with a focus area ie. Arms, Legs, Booty, Core, Back & Shoulders and Balance.



With my background in healthcare, I bring extensive knowledge of the human body, injury prevention & rehabilitation into my fitness instruction. Over the last few years I have centered my fitness business on helping busy people find time for regular fitness in their lives. I truly believe that finding time to move our bodies regularly is an essential ingredient to living a happier and more balanced existence. In these extraordinarily busy times, many people feel they have to sacrifice their fitness schedule in order to maintain their overextended schedules and exercise is the first thing to fall by the wayside. That's where I come in! There is a way to keep fitness in your life, and I'm here to show you how.

Nicola grew up downhill ski racing in the mountains of Northern BC and it was while rehabbing a knee injury that she first became interested in a career in health & fitness. Nicola has been practicing Registered Massage Therapy in Victoria since 2005 and teaching Stott Pilates & fitness since 2014. With her extensive education & experience working with the human body, Nicola brings an incredibly high level of instruction to her classes & is dedicated to helping her clients get the very most out of their workouts every single time. Nicola is a Certified Stott Pilates Instructor (Merrithew), a BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer, a Barre instructor, and a Registered Massage Therapist.


Nicola restores my motivation & makes me feel good about my progress even if it feels small. I always look forward to her classes!


Nothing keeps me feeling ready to face whatever life throws at my better than consistent Pilates with Nicola. Whether it’s a heli skiing trip or too many hours in front of a computer, my body can take what it is handed, thanks to her great classes, guidance and knowledge.


I love Nicola’s Zoom classes, they make it easy to prioritize my health & fitness even when the weather isn’t great. Getting classes in twice per week really compliments my other activities like watching & pickle ball.

Sheila V.

Prior to working with Jared on nutrition and health, I thought I knew a lot about nutrition but unfortunately I felt like I was just spinning in terms of my goals and not getting anywhere I wanted to. Once working with Jared, I quickly learned that everything I thought I knew about nutrition was kind of the opposite and absolutely wrong. Having given Jared my total devotion and a tremendous amount of blind faith and just trust putting my health in his hands. After completing my work with him I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, I’m eating fantastic, I feel great, my energy levels are awesome, my strength keeps increasing, and I'm hitting all of my goals. I cannot recommend Jared high enough, he is literally one of the best in his field in the country. I’ve double checked for my own personal satisfaction the teachings that he was giving to me and every single person said, ‘your nutritionist was 100% straight on this guy knows what he’s doing’. So please add me to the list of people who will say that about Jared, his knowledge and expertise. Thank you.


I met Jared grieving the losses of my brother and father and then in the wake of that, I got into a very very bad car accident that killed a dear friend of mine and left me relearning to walk. My hip was fractured, I had chronic pain throughout my body and a brain injury. I was told to get many surgeries that didn’t make sense to me, fusing parts of my body together, cutting parts out of my body. I came to Jared and just told him it didn’t make sense to me and I believed in the work that he did. He educated me and empowered me, we worked on my nutrition and just everything that was and wasn’t surviving me. Two years later, no surgeries, I’m sprinting – thank you Jared you’re the best, honestly, thank you so much.


February 2022 I took part in Jared's 5 Day Reset. I went into it thinking I would gain a little information on nutrition, I got so much more. He had such a great uplifting attitude and freely shared so much helpful knowledge on your overall health. How to support your nervous system with breathwork, movement practices that don't put strain on your body and a way of eating that nourishes and supports your body, learning about the importance of how to listen to what your body needs. The 5 days were definitely so helpful to start incorporating all Jared's teachings into your daily life straight away. I have found it so beneficial and already feel like I'm gaining more energy and carrying less stress. I definitely recommend taking part in Jared's 5 Day Reset!